Our restaurant opened in 1980 with the joint effort and dedication of Eladio and his wife Violette.

Our cuisine

Our cuisine is mainly Galician, fresh from the market. Our policy is a maximum  respect for freshness and  the quality of all products.

This allows us to offer our clients a wide and delicious assortment of products like fish, seafood and meat directly brought from Galicia. We also have a salt water aquarium that contains the lobster, crawfish, oysters, clams and other seafood served directly to our customers. Freshness is guaranteed. 

Our desserts

We have to make special reference to our desserts which are all home made and a legacy from Violette.  With her particular professionalism, affection and enthusiasim she introduced delicious Swiss desserts such as Black and White Chocolate Mousse, Black Forest Cake and others. They still remain on our menu in honor of her.

Our restaurant

The success of the first years in Valencia encouraged us to undertake a complete renovation of the restaurant. We enlarged the kitchen and in response to friends’ and customers’ suggestions we added on a private dining room for twenty persons.

The decoration is classical with wood and light-coloured marble affording  a warm, relaxing and light ambiance.

Our team

At the beginning of 2000, Eladio and Violette’s son, Michel joined the staff of the restaurant. He combines the functions of Manager and Maitre. The continuity of the restaurant is thus assured.

None of this would have been possible without the expertise and dedication of our team, especially the Head Chef Manuel Calo, Galician from Bandomil, Zas de Carreira who has worked for us 25 years.